Tuesday, June 5, 2012

how L.I.F.E all about

salam and halao people..opppssss...sorry2..tajuk entry mcm serius jek..well have to admit..agak serius..wehuuu..almost 20++ plus i hidup..*takkan
ku pancarkan umur sbenar kuh*..but i still cannot understand how life all about..yeahhh..

some of people maybe use this for their life perspective
or maybe this

or this

ohhh..this quote i will use for my enemy..seriusly i said

i do like this sentences it just like give us new life when we have to face hardest part in our life

but i always think that ALLAH s.w.t sgt maha adil.so accept all this faith as our destiny

well..without them...who am i..my super duper awesome family woiiii

this is how i life..with my lovely frens around me :)

my ex schoolmate :D

my lovely girlheart

owhhh...mylovely girlheart

this my lovely girlhearts...they my life they are my drug..

p/s : my life quotes...i always wish..even i'm alone without love..i do hope that they always be with me even we are far but we always close in heart :)

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