Friday, October 29, 2010

that should be me..

kesihatan yg makin tidak menentu..perasaan yg semakin brcelaru..but still believe in this is my destiny..i believe in KARMA,that's was a very difficult things that i have to face..i cant stand anymore..come la..chill me up again..its quit hard for me..i do really need him..but how can i get him?
that should be me holding your hand
that should be me making your laugh
that should be me this is so sad
that should be me feeling your kiss
that should be me buying you gift..
that should be me.....

p/s final exam coming up next

Friday, October 15, 2010


huhu..imposibble is mende i kne lalui lately i cbe tabah kan hati tuk lalui..its quit difficult tp bile ad kwn2 disisi..i feel better..sbb i prlukan space tuk dri i..huhu

p/s chill up girl