Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy bornday permaisuri

name : Maizuatul Fathiah binti Lokman (MYE LOKMAN @ MYE KERIMMM)
age : 20 ++++
friendship anniversary : 16 may 2009

description about her by sheila : one of my love gurlfie and my bff,never let me or other friends down or what..and she's very straight and good advisor..i have to admit she's beautiful and briliant..one of my friends that know who are the truth SHEILA SAM..she always do whatever she want and will get whatever she wish..so for your birthday i really wish a HAPPY BIRTDAY DARL ! may god bless you..may your dream come true and i love you !

we shared smiles :),we wipe tears :'( , and through the years,our friendship has grown along with us..you are truly a wonderful part of my life.. true friends are never apart..maybe in distance but in heart <3

p/s learn from mistakes and never turn back because your past is just memory but ur future is your everything <3

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