Wednesday, September 28, 2011

weekly sheila

halao peeps..sibuk gile this last two weeks bcoz assignment dtg mcm banjir musim tengkujuh and my final project harus di selesaikan utk proses adjusting..oke we start from study dlu lah ehh...okey for this week jek i need to settle down my project which is utk subject organising a project director i need to handle this event..lah sumenye di ats bahu sy skang -_-''..for magazine tugas as a advertising manager harus memastikan bahawa iklan dlm magazine i sudah di terima ...and for feature writing need to write more news br hari tu submit utk penilaian utk column dlm mingguan wanita..what more eh?owh comm plak peranan as a photography bile kne doing a few photoshoot somewhere..tired gile..advertising oke lg..for ETR plak i need doing do business plan for my company..hah ! ini br skali imbas jek korg dpt..cer duk kat tmpt aq bape kali pnye imbas pn still serabai gak !

fullstop utk study jap..take a breath.
.oke utk aktitviti kolej we just finish our merdeka raya celebration but for this moment let picture give talk oke..

my classmates <3

there u go ! my besties smarties @ superbass

restu itu perlu !

this is not for me..tlg pegang kan ajek

p/s one whole day berbaju kurung sgt2 penat and rimas but makanan die sgt la superb doe !
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