Sunday, July 3, 2011

my heart say something

being a perfect person is the most wanted things that i really want fact people say nobody perfect..i admit same goes to me..enough wit all negative perspective and bad impression bout me if u dunno me at all..why u must talked about me even u never talk to me...why?we never say hello to each other but u can say so many things about me..for those who really know me they know how i survive and how i life..totally i'm not such a hottest person ever and i dont even think about for u my dear little bullshit this i dont give a dam to anyone so pliz dont make me to do so..

in other side of my heart always make me sick..true i love u really love u like what u told to my frens but do you know bcoz of my love to u i try not make our relationship become more closer or else couple..bcoz i afraid if one day we break up..i will lost u for the rest of my time..let this feeling playing their part and we just go with the flow.. oke dear

welcome to my sunny day

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