Saturday, February 12, 2011

baby JY BEE

pkul 3 pg,tetibe tringin nk mkn nasi lemak at MS TOMYAM,so i ask my adik to go there..then we go and mkn2..pastu blik..once bile otw seekor kucing itam yg sgt comel mengikut kitorg..from the first honestly i''m scared..bcoz i geli dgn kucing..but then i pn suh adik bwk balik..i sediakan tmpt tdo die..and pg td..bgun tgk2 dia da whole day today i just with it..and i name for it is baby jy bee..sumpah die sgt MANJA! my housemate suka die..WELCOME BABY JY BEE


bby ske tdo kan

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